Waywize by Ramboll chooses Priority as lead agency for its new B2B tech venture

Waywize – a truly pioneering tech solution for sustainable road design & route planning – was just launched as one of the first offsprings from the Ramboll Innovation Accelerator. Priority was selected as the lead brand partner.

Waywize is a startup by Ramboll and is one of the first products born and bred by the Ramboll Innovation Accelerator – an incubator that fuses Ramboll’s engineering capabilities with pioneering digital solutions to solve large scale environmental challenges in society.

Waywize renews and changes the transport sector by using advanced road data and technology to save fuel, reduce total carbon dioxide emissions and at the same time reduce the total cost of route planning and road construction, as well as improving transportation users’ health.

Priority has in collaboration with the Waywize team developed the brand strategy as well as activation tools like film and web.

“At Priority, we found the brand partner we were looking for: A professional agency that had a deep understanding of the B2B tech market in general. But also understood the unique business potential of Waywize and could help us to swiftly develop a solid brand platform and practical go-to market tools”, says Peter Ekdahl, Founder & Director of Waywize.

“We have high demands on any external partners we choose to engage with regarding collaboration proficiency, speed and cost efficiency. Not the least, Priority has rare combination of business strategy acumen and creative skills in their design and communications solutions.” Linus Almqvist, Marketing Director at Ramboll Sweden.

“I feel joy and pride over our collaboration with the Waywize team and Ramboll as a world class team of pioneering engineers and innovators. To be involved from the start and to build brands in the tech sector from scratch has become something of our hallmark” says Erik Tillberg, Founder and CEO of Priority.

For more information contact

Erik Tillberg

CEO and founder, erik.tillberg@prioritygroup.se

Tel: 070 – 307 71 82

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