The experience economy in change – Grand Hôtel opening their doors to the new

Grand Hôtel Stockholm is starting the new year with a complete renovation and update of its classic main entrance. The main entrance is now temporarily replaced with an illustration in mega format, signed Priority. The solution is part of a greater brand transformation with the aim to make the hotel relevant to a new, younger target groups.

For more than ten years, Priority’s Creative Director Jan Vana, has supported the Grand Hôtel Group as its main design partner.

– Grand Hôtel has a unique position as the leading five-star hotel in the Nordics. Throughout our partnership, we have supported them on their brand journey by constantly seeking new design solutions, says Jan Vana.

Despite the previous year’s impact on the hospitality industry, Grand Hôtel continues to think outside the box. The temporary entrance is a symbol of the view on the brand going forward; focusing on the hotel’s position as a classic destination in constant change.

– In a time when experiences are as important as products and services, a visit to the Grand Hôtel is more than just an overnight stay. Today, creating an attractive experience throughout the guest’s journey is a must, from hotel booking their stay on the website to dinner menus, says Jan Vana.

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