The Agency that Breaks Barriers

Priority is the agency where management consultants are brought together with communication specialists and designers to solve complex business and brand problems. The idea of a new type of consulting firm that combines analysis and creativity has in a few years resulted in a growth of 160 percent, numerous design awards and a newly opened office in New York.

Priority’s success factor is that they take on all assignments with tailored and integrated customer teams, with a combination of analytical and creative skills.

– We help leaders grow and transform their businesses. We support boards and management on issues related to brand and business strategy, innovation, product and service development, communication and design, says Erik Tillberg, CEO and Partner at Priority.

Priority works primarily with brands in tech, retail, sustainability, premium and with companies involved in smart society.

– We see an increased need for smaller agile specialist agencies that temporarily work side by side with the organization or complement larger agencies. We also see increased demand to make so-called brand turnarounds, a total makeover of brands in a digital transformation, says Erik Tillberg.

Creative and mixed specialist teams

As an employee at Priority, you will immediately be involved in solving complex strategic problems. Based on the motto “best idea wins from day one”, employees with good ideas are always taken seriously – regardless of seniority.

– We work creatively, out-of-the-box and with great respect and understanding of our clients’ everyday reality, says Erik Tillberg.

In the last three years, Priority has grown by 160 percent. Erik Tillberg sees growth as part of a structural change in business world, with demand for a new type of consultants who is equally familiar with business issues as with communication issues.

– Today more than ever, branding and communication must be linked to the business in order to create real competitiveness. We strongly believe that traditional barriers need to be broken in order to be successful in innovation and create new solutions, says Erik Tillberg.

Role model for the consulting industry

– In a couple of years, hopefully our way of working has become something of a role model in the consulting and agency industries. We are working on our expansion in the United States. In addition to New York, assignments are also mandated in other states. Our approach has worked well in the U.S. market.

About Priority

Priority combines creativity and analysis and solves business problems using strategy, communication and design. Priority was founded in 2015 by former Minister of Industry, Employment and Communications Björn Rosengren and Erik Tillberg with the vision to create a completely new innovative consulting agency that has so far been missing from the market.

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