Simon Jarnheimer

Simon Jarnheimer is our Strategy Intern this fall

Born and raised in Stockholm, Simon Jarnheimer has since then relocated to Copenhagen where he studies international business at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). We are delighted to have him as an intern, providing strategic insights, research analysis, and other things in our ongoing client projects. Continue reading to find out his thoughts on the internship, his interest in music and how it taps into his workflow.

Welcome to Priority! What are your initial thoughts on being here?

That it’s fun and interesting. I’ve never come across settings before where design, communication, and strategy work together to achieve common goals. Now when I’m here, it all makes sense how they interconnect and combine. Also, the realization that our work makes a difference. What we do here might echoe through an entire business sector and produce actual change for people and companies.

What are your thoughts on the value of an internship?

I think it’s very important. Both to apply practicality to theory and teachings from school. But also, to mature and get a feel for workplaces. For me, it’s about gaging and learning in order to elevate myself, to pave the way for future decisions. It’s a cliché, but you really do learn a lot!

Simon is an avid record-hunter with a neck for the sounds of the 70’s. As a former dancer, the interest came to him at an early age. An interest he feeds with trips to local record stores and markets where he stays for hours on end, probing, searching, and listening.

Dancer, music-curator, and economics student. What’s the equation?

You tell me! I started dancing at an early age which naturally evolved into an interest in music. Fundamentally, I think I’m a process-kind-of-guy. You learn to appreciate the process of learning, the process of searching and finding. The sensation I get from finding new music that intrigues me is the same feeling I get when I’m able to draw smart conclusions from solid research or data-crunching. To me, it’s a feeling worth chasing.

Why study in Denmark? 

I felt like trying something different in a city that I thought that I’d enjoy. Copenhagen has that special blend of the familiar and the unknown that triggers my curiosity. I can vouch for it as a great place to live and study in.

Tell us something that we might not know about life in Copenhagen?

Did you know that the doggy bag thing also applies to beers and drinks? Yes, it’s true. You get a nice plastic cup to carry your beer home with you. On the other hand, you need to wear a helmet while riding a VOI. Make with that what you will.

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