Showered in prices! Priority wins silver for Waywize’s new identity design in the Design Index 2020

The business development and brand agency Priority wins yet another prestigious design award and wins silver in the Design Index 2020. Resumé Design Index is a competition that rewards design that gives business effect. Waywize – Smarter ways in world that is not flat – is created by Ramboll Innovation Accelerator and is a digital platform that helps the transport sector become more sustainable and cost effective.

With the contribution Waywize, designed by Alva Ohlsson and Paola Alonso Chapel, in the category ”Identity Design”, the new identity receives a performance index of 106 based on the parameters of uniqeness, buying intent and likability.

“This is so much fun for us – and for Waywize. A clear proof of what difference and effect in businessdesign can create. Working with such an innovative company and team as Waywize has been very rewarding. Waywize’s holistic and circular approach to environmental and social sustainability is the inspiration for the visual identity concept. The incorporation of the infinity symbol to the logotype ensures that the vision of Waywize is always present through all applications.,”

says Alva Ohlsson, Head of Design at Priority.

Read more about Waywize at

Priority has recently received several awards and nominations – both in Sweden and internationally:

  • 2 Silver medals in the International Graphis Design Award 2020 for our brand work for Grand Hôtel Stockholm and Sparrow Hotel.
  • Winner of Cannes Young Lion for our design and brand work with new identity for :Part
  • Nominated for the Swedish Design Prize (Svenska Designpriset) in the category Social media campaign for the digital campaign “Before & After” with Hantverksakademin

Resumé Designindex is a measurement of the effect of investments in design and is based on a nationally representative survey from Bilendi. The aim is to continuously measure the design effect so that the design industry and their customers get a knowledge platform for strategic design based on data – design that makes a difference in the meeting with the consumer and the user.

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