The Creators behind the visual identity for Stockholm’s latest boutique hotel

Grand Group’s new boutique hotel, The Sparrow, opened its doors on February 1st. The hotel is located in the middle of Stureplan, Stockholm. Together with Grand Group, Priority developed the name for the new hotel, as well as a visual identity to help capture The Sparrow’s playful and chic vibe. All elements of The Sparrow seek to capture the hotel’s French atmosphere for a target group with a young mind, regardless of age

Priority’s work for The Sparrow is part of a larger collaboration with Grand Group, as Priority has been a design partner for Grand Hôtel, Lydmar Hotel, Mathias Dahlgren, and Rutabaga for many years. So, when it was time for Grand Hôtel to create a new hotel concept, Priority was the natural choice

Priority’s first objective was to develop the new hotel’s name. The Sparrow was ultimately chosen – a social city bird and a nod to French vocalist Edith Piaf, “The little sparrow.” The logotype Priority designed for The Sparrow depicts a little bird and is a recurring element in both the hotel and restaurant. As a whole, The Sparrow’s playful visual identity complements the hotel’s timeless architecture, creating a balanced concept that feels intimate, lively, and captivating.

“We are incredibly happy with the result. Priority has succeeded in finding a visual expression that captures our vision and makes The Sparrow an extraordinary hotel,” says Pia Djupmark, CEO at Grand Group

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