Priority takes the design offering to the next level – launching Priority Design Space

In order to meet the increased demand for design services, the Business and Brand Development agency Priority directs its focus towards digital design, including film, motion graphics and multimedia. Now, the agency is launching Priority Design Space, where a selection of client projects, design tracs and private creations are being presented.

During 2020 Priority has experienced an increased demand for design services, and especially for digital design. The number of clients that buy design services from the agency has doubled since last year, and at the same time, the design team has grown.

– We are seeing a clear change where our clients request more design to only be presented digitally. A lot of clients have opted out from the classical print productions and are ordering digital solutions only. To meet this, the design team at Priority has grown and been strengthened with new talent within film and motion graphics, says Alva Ohlsson, Head of Design at Priority.

To show the skills and experience that the design team possesses, the agency launces Priority Design Space. Here design projects are presented in a more creative space, to support the productions and deliverables in the best way. 

– Design Space is a way to showcase our strong designers and the excellent design that our clients are ordering. Design Space is a more creative and personal way to present who we are, what we produce and do best, says Alva Ohlsson.

Check out Priority Design Space here.

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