Priority launches a slow-tv concept together with Stockholms Hantverksförening to highlight craft makers and craftsmanship in the wake of Corona

Many craft makers and small businesses in the Stockholm area have lost most of their income due to the Corona situation during the past months. In order to alert the Stockholmers about the current situation of craftmen and their business, encourage more people to support and use different craft services, Stockholms Hantverksförening launched the initiative Hållbart Hantverk in tight collaboration with Priority.

In order to communicate the initiative, a campaign site has been launched on which visitors get the chance to visit the studios of craft makers and entrepreneurs through slow-tv inspired video content. In addition to the site, the campaign included advertising in social media and PR.

– This campaign wants to show what real craftsmanship is about. According to us, the slow-TV concept and craft fits perfectly together showing the passionate work that craftsmen do every day. At the same time, we believe that many Swedes in times of home isolation have a great need for some digital mindfulness, says Angelica Stebrant, Client Director at Priority.

This campaign and related PR placements, have resulted in a total media value of 1.8 million SEK.

Learn more about the initiative, and watch craft makers in action, here.

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