Priority launches a brand new identity – grounded in creativity and business thinking

With a renewed strategic plan, Priority is launching a totally new brand identity as the next big step forward. The new identity is grounded in creativity, business thinking and renewal. It aims to clearly demonstrate Priority’s entire concept of combining business strategy, communication and design into a stronger entity and offering. An agency that delivers and provides advice throughout the entire brand development process – from analysis and insight to the right type of activation.

– A strong and differentiating visual identity is a key component in modern brand building. Our new identity should both inspire our clients, and at the same time allow us to highlight and let them be the prime focus without our identity becoming too dominant, says Alva Ohlsson, Head of Design and partner at Priority.

The new identity is created out of the desire to be adaptable and dynamic in the overall expression. The logo is designed to easily be used in a moving context, where the three dots work as key elements to highlight our competence areas within business strategy, communication and design. The classic serif font coupled with a modern sans serif creates a combination that portrays the meeting between our areas of expertise, and how they integrate to create an entirety.

– We are really thrilled to launch our new identity. This shows the kind of creativity that customers can expect from us, and at the same time it marks a new phase on our journey as a business and brand development agency, says Angelica Stebrant, new CEO at Priority.

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