Priority Goes Big Apple

An escalating demand for Priority’s brand & business consulting services in North America has led to the establishment of a new Priority office in New York City.

2018-2019 has been an exciting and encouraging growth period for Priority, driven by several new & exciting projects for both European and truly global clients.

– ‘We have seen a sharp increase in new projects and interest from customers in the US and has now taken the step of setting up a new office to better serve our North American and global clients. The new office will enable us to better partner with our clients in US and Canada and to serve them on a day-to-day basis, says Erik Tillberg, Founder and CEO of Priority.

Prioritys unique customer offering builds on integrating brand, business, communications and design consulting into a combined offering delivered seamlessly through integrated teams.  Priority’s team consist of strategists, designers, analysts, film makers, communications specialists and business consultants that fuse multiple perspectives on brand building.

– ‘We are very thrilled about this exciting step and to be part of the Empire State of Mind. Not only to create a smoother customer experience, but also to establish new partnerships and more closely follow the dynamic market and the changing media landscape in North America. says Erik Tillberg.

As of July, you will find Priority also on Manhattan, 345 st & 7th Avenue, 18th floor.

For more information, call Erik on +46703077182, or by mail at

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