Building a B2B tech brand


Waywize is a startup initiative by Ramboll Sweden. With their advanced 3D data analytics software, Waywize makes it possible to substantially reduce energy usage and thus the climate impact from road transportation, while also cutting costs and improving transportation users’ health. Simply speaking: Waywize helps you to find smarter and sustainable ways in a world that is not flat.

Priority was retained by Ramboll to help the Waywize team build and launch their new brand from scratch. The assignment contained an initial naming process along with development of a solid business and brand platform including visual identity. Priority also supported Waywize with marketing assets such as a website and a brand movie for a successful launch.

Launch Site

2020 –


Brand Strategy
Visual Identity
Brand Movie
Activation & Marketing Tools


Ramboll Sweden AB

The new brand

The holistic and circular approach to environmental and social sustainability is the inspiration for Waywize’s visual identity. The incorporation of the infinity symbol to the logotype ensures that the vision of Waywize is always present through the visual identity.


A brand new website to convey the products and vision of Waywize.


Close to nature but with an energetic feel.


Campton, a geometric typeface with a young and innovative look.

Do you believe the earth is flat?

An introduction to Waywize

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