Translating brand equity into financial potential


POC embeds its aspiration for worldwide growth in its mission: To do the best we possibly can to save lives and reduce the consequences of accidents for gravity sports athletes and cyclists. From the time founder Stefan Ytterborn founded the company, POC has strived to be a truly global brand in protective gear that unites innovative technology, design, fashion, high-quality, and safety.

It was when the brand was defined vertically as a gravity sports brand, rather than horizontally as a sports brand, that astounding growth opportunities for POC arose. Gravity sports include all sports that require protection from falling, not only alpine skiing but also road cycling, skating, climbing, and so on. The market for such sports is vast. But to achieve POC’s global expansion plan, and ultimately find the right owner, POC needed a business plan that could translate its brand equity into concrete financial potential. This is where Priority came in to help.




2015 – 2017


Business Plan 3 years for divesture to industrial investor

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