Developing strategic insights and corporate storytelling for an industry organization


Innovationsföretagen, the Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies (FSIC), represents more than 750 innovative architectural and engineering consulting firms. Priority was tasked with highlighting Sweden’s innovative spearhead technologies, producing industry reports, and effectively communicating the needs of the industry to politicians and other stakeholders.

A cross-disciplinary team at Priority developed, produced the ‘Innovation for … ‘concept, which was built around a series of publications and cases. The cases highlight important contribution of member firms within various sectors such as infrastructure, mobility, and energy. The strategic team at Priority developed Industry reports that provide an overview of market trends, current performance, and forecasts, as well as comparisons with other industries. The reports have been used effectively to better understand industry dynamics and for highlighting political challenges.


2020 –


Concept Development
Industry report
Data analysis
Market analysis
Corporate Storytelling
Graphical Design
Publication Design
Media & PR
Public Affairs



The look

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