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AFRY Sustainable Stories

AFRY is a global leader within engineering, design and advisory services and has a proud history of making the future possible. Since decades, AFRY’s over 17 000 engineers have been working alongside their clients in driving change and create solutions to support their customers in over 50 countries. Every day and in every assignment act on sustainability as well as the global trends of urbanization and digitalization. How they communicate their sustainability mission and work that accelerates the sustainable transition to various target groups will be key.

Priority has over the years supported the AFRY Corporate Sustainability Team in projects ranging from setting an overall sustainability strategy, developing a positioning story as well as managing and creating the magazine Sustainable stories since 2016. Sustainable Stories is a magazine covering leading engineering and design solutions projects showcasing AFRY’s recent assignments and projects how they, together with their clients, are contributing to a more sustainable society.

In this year’s edition of Sustainable Stories AFRY proudly presents different cases where they together with their clients have succeeded in moving from incremental to disruptive change. And in several cases achieved not only a technology shift but – even more important – a shift of business model.

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