Perfume as an expression: Priority’s board member Jenny Lantz in Sweden’s most popular podcast within popular science

Trend researcher and sustainability expert Jenny Lantz has been a member of Priority’s board since last year. In the latest episode of the podcast “Allt du velat veta” (All you wanted to know), she is interviewed about her primary field of expertise; perfume. She delves into the latest perfume trends and explain how fragrance has become a form of personal expression.
Jenny Lantz has a background as associate professor in business administration at the Stockholm School of Economics, founder of the sustainability agency Necessaire and author of several books on the trend machinery in the global lifestyle industry. Thus, she contributes with unique knowledge of the global trend and lifestyle industry to Priority’s offering. Since last year, she is a member of the Agency’s Board of Directors and works as a senior advisor in customer projects.
Guesting the podcast “Allt du velat veta”, Jenny Lantz takes the listeners on a journey into the history of perfume. Listen to the full episode here.
Want to learn more about the perfume industry, and how the perfume landscape has changed fundamentally over the past decades? Jenny Lantz’s book “Expedition Perfume” is available for purchase here.

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