Änglamark Chooses Priority

Priority is the new design and business development agency for Änglamark Nordic. The collaboration involves the development of an updated concept for Änglamark Nordic, including design, innovation, product, and service development. The goal is to build an Änglamark brand equipped for the future, as well as a strong brand concept to attract new, young customers.

“Collaborations with communication and business development partners are a natural part of our brand development process. Priority will, therefore, work closely with Änglamark and our various teams at Coop. We wish to find new paths and creative solutions for further developing our product range and communication,” commented Björn Larsson, Group Marketing Director at Coop Sweden.

“Priority is both happy and proud to collaborate with Änglamark. To develop new services and concepts for one of Sweden’s greenest brands is an honor, to say the least, and a project we have dreamed of being part of,” says Erik Tillberg, CEO at Priority.

“Priority has everything we look for in a development partner: a strong commercial focus, creative height, and experience in design concepts that strengthen brands in the long term. I feel very happy about our collaboration in building Änglamark 2.0,” says Björn Larsson.

The new packaging for Änglamark

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